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In-cab heater not working? Read this first :)

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 21:23    Post subject: In-cab heater not working? Read this first :) Reply with quote

Well folks, I feel so pleased with myself, I thought I would share my experience with the bretheren and shetheren of the club. (no sexism here)  Laughing

2.8tdi, heater cold.
Just bought the car so knew nothing of the history.
Checked the coolant level before driving home - was fine.
Thought the worst...heater matrix blocked.

I believe the process of elimination I used was probably correct but as you will read later - a quick check could save you a bit of time, if you are lucky.

Checked coolant - good level and colour.
Ran car with rad cap off, heater at hot to see if air was in system.
Bubbled over a bit, replaced rad cap, still no hot air.
Checed rad temp - warm all over - assumed rad was not blocked.
Removed intercooler to get access to heater matrix in/out pipes.
Both hot.
At this stage I should have known better - if matrix is blocked I think one pipe should be cold at least, even both pipes.
Anyways, disconnected both pipes and ran hose to each pipe in turn - water passed through and was clear.
Fastened back up again. Topped rad. No hot air.
Removed and checked thermostat. It was fine.
Replaced, topped rad, no hot air.
On reflection the thermostat shouldn't have been doubted. All pipes and rad were hot. On idle, even if no thermostat, heater should have blown even luke warm.
Anyways - brain in overdrive - if the water is ok, then it's the air that's at fault.
Sounds weird, but I was right.  Laughing

Undid passenger footwell air duct - couple of screws.
Had a look towards the centre console rear, where the matrix/heater unit is sited.
A steel grooved rod was disconnected from it's white plastic clip.
"Ya dancer" as we say up here.  Laughing
...and for some folks this will be the end of their quest...
connect the rod back up and adjust temp on heater controls with ignition on - rod moves and controls airflow flap.
The way it SHOULD be connected...

My problem persisted, though. The rod didn't move when temp was adjusted.
After taking out and then dismantling the flap control box to ensure the motor was ok (ran 4.5 volts from my wee torch to motor - span ok) and ensuring the gears were moving freely, I decided the box was ok (doubtful, but possible was a dry joint on the circuit board).
Went back to the car and tested for any voltage into the box.
None found.
The box has a multi wire running into it, the other end goes into the heater box assembly.
Heart sank. Thought it was a bust connection at the other end - meaning dash out and heater out..
For a better look and in preparation for the dash coming out I removed the heater control panel and radio (I had already tried a known-good heater control panel).
Noticed a little connector female block at the lower left side of the radio aperture. Nothing plugged into it. It was fastened onto the heater unit.
Now there's a coincidence, thinks me.
poked me head around the aperture and there it was - the male end of the connector - a good 6" away from where Mr Mitsu and Mr Bishi intended it be.
Connected up, ran the car, replaced all the bits and generall congratulated myself for the next few hours.
Moral - check the connector pictured if yer heater matrix hoses are hot.
Then check the wee rod and clip.

Hope this helps


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 21:23    Post subject: Google Ads keep the POCUK free to join!

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